Jean Bungartz, 1897

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Jean Bungartz, was a German naturalist, cage-bird fancier, poultry-man, dog fancier and artist, in very many ways he was the German equivalent of England's Harrison Weir. This unique image of various breeds of cats, was drawn by him, from life, from cats he had actually viewed. Of particular interest in this case is that he has drawn a Chinese Lop, whom we are told time and again, never existed. But they did exist, and one living example reached Germany to be drawn by Bungartz, before they became extinct. Their similarity to the Scottish Fold is striking, but the ears appear to have been soft and slightly pendulous. This drawing was published in 1897 and we are fortunate to have an original edition in The Harrison Weir Collection. The cats pictured are (from the top, in height order):

The Siamese,(with little contrast) The Carthusian (Chartreux) (note it is Longhaired), The Chinese Lop, The Angora (left), The Khorassan (Persian)(right) and The Cyprus Cat (Mackerel Tabby Shorthair).

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